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Keeping Families Together


Many lives have been saved and families forever changed thanks in part to the generous support of our donors.



Keeping Families Together

It is a great joy to welcome healthy babies every day at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. Thankfully, many of these babies will not require advanced care, though when they do, our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is ready to step in. As the only Level III NICU in the North San Fernando Valley, we are a tremendous resource for premature infants and newborns and their families, providing the specialized care they need, close to home.

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our community, the Keeping Families Together Initiative has raised $6.4M toward our current goal of $7.3M to expand our NICU. These gifts will help us provide the highest quality care for our most vulnerable babies.

Our expanded NICU will include a postpartum area with a nurse station, medical rooms, nursery and exam room, technology and connectivity upgrades, and specialized features to foster neurodevelopment.

The latest technology
One of the most advanced tools available in our new NICU is therapeutic hypothermia treatment. This equipment uses a noninvasive process to regulate and maintain the baby’s body temperature to ensure vital organs like the brain, heart and liver continue functioning.

The newly expanded NICU will have 18 Giraffe OmniBeds, a welcome increase from the 12 we currently have. The Giraffe OmniBed is a combination of incubator, radiant warmer and protective bed all in one. The incubator serves as a substitute womb, creating a seamless healing microenvironment for each one of our new babies, giving them a safe and warm environment to continue to develop.

Our web cameras use a secure, stable, password-protected system that will allow family and friends to remotely see their newborn on any computer, tablet or smartphone. Our webcams are often fixed to the Giraffe OmniBeds, which allows parents and authorized viewers to access continuous footage of their newborn from anywhere in the world and at any hour.

Thank you
We are so close to being able to fully grow into this expanded vision for our NICU where we can care for more babies using leading-edge technology, all while keeping their families close and connected. Philanthropy like yours is vital to supporting state-of-the-art care and confirms that our mission-driven work is valued and appreciated. Our Level III NICU is a true example of how we live out our mission. Our caregivers work diligently to provide the highest quality care, and, because of you, the expanded NICU will provide leading-edge equipment and more space to achieve this.


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