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Monse’s Heroes


Many lives have been saved and families forever changed thanks in part to the generous support of our donors.



Monse’s Heroes

NICU mom gives thanks for extraordinary care and support

On a quiet January morning, first-time mom Arlenne Arias embarked on a journey that would test her courage and resilience. Twenty-seven weeks pregnant, Arlenne faced a complication that made a premature birth a real concern. Her partner rushed her to Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, where she was admitted to stave off delivery.

A week into her hospital stay, Arlenne sensed her baby’s arrival was imminent. The rush of events unfolded rapidly. Baby Monse entered the world, her cries echoing the promise of life. Arlenne’s joy was tinged with apprehension as her newborn was whisked away to the NICU.

Part of the family

Walking into the NICU for the first time, Arlenne was met with a labyrinth of wires and monitors, each one a lifeline for her fragile daughter. The sight was overwhelming, yet a sense of reassurance began to take hold.

“After seeing my daughter’s name on the whiteboard with a ‘welcome’ sign, I knew she wasn’t just a room number,” Arlenne remembers. “It was one of the many weights and fears lifted off my shoulders. I knew my daughter was being welcomed into their NICU family with lots of love.”

As the days turned into weeks, Arlenne witnessed a transformation in Monse that filled her heart with hope. As the dedicated NICU staff took outstanding care of Monse, they provided her nervous parents with unwavering emotional support and a big dose of practical guidance. “I’m so grateful to the NICU staff for giving Monse’s dad and me the confidence and comfort we needed to hold, change, feed or simply touch her through the little window in her isolette. They never got impatient as we asked questions for the third time, and they explained absolutely everything in detail so we would understand.”

Gratitude overflowing
Monse’s journey was not without its challenges. “Monse ended up being in the NICU for three months. She’s a strong girl, and she fought through it,” Arlenne beams. Today, at eight months old, Monse’s vibrant spirit fills their home with laughter and joy.

“I want to say ‘thank you’ to the doctors, nurses, therapists, lactation consultants and social workers who provided me with so much knowledge but also a hug when I needed one,” says Arlenne. “Thank you for celebrating each one of Monse’s milestones just as you would if she were your own. You will always and forever be Monse’s first heroes.”

Arlenne’s heartfelt appreciation extends to the donors whose generosity has transformed the NICU into a beacon of hope for families like hers.

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